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Covid-19 Support
 during 1st Wave 
to 5,663 Citizens


Total families serviced via ground support (provided with dry ration & medicine)

Total calls made

Total families received Govt. welfare policy related support

Total senior citizens & pregnant women received covid related awareness for safety

Our Interventions:

Supported 5633 citizens through the rapid response in terms of ensuring food security and government welfare schemes declared under COVID-19. Additionally, we supported senior citizens of Gadchidoli district which comes under the aspirational district of Niti Ayog in Maharashtra. We received support from organization received support of Give India, Noora Health and Piramal Foundation to work over covid relief work

Our Plan for 2nd Wave
  • We will be supporting 2000 families with dry ration for a month in the western part of Pune city through our network of community champions & volunteers.

  • We are activating a Pune city level network of 10-30 civic champions/Volunteers who will be running a helpline and support people in filed too.

  • The civic champions/Volunteers shall be managed to spread awareness around Covid vaccine & myths around it, connecting community people with various state/central government welfare schemes & other general information around Covid-19.

  • The tentative target is to provide support to 30,000 plus potential beneficiaries. It will also be used to create a system of tiered rewards for influencers that demonstrate successful outcomes.

  • We will be providing nutritious food to 500 pregnant & lactating mothers who are facing loss of livelihood.

Road Map:
  • We aim to reach out and support 40,000 citizens approximately, under our COVID-19 support program during 2nd wave that we have planned on our road map.


A Wing, Chandraneel Society, 

Flat-102, Sinhgad Rd, 

opposite cosmos bank, 

Anubandh Nagar, Dattawadi, 

Pune, Maharashtra 411030



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